About Us

In 2022, renowned coach Edgar Pedroza establishes SOCCER3 ACADEMY, a cutting-edge initiative challenging conventions in sports academies. With a solid background in Professional Futsal and international internships, Coach Edgar has crafted a unique methodology focusing on Technique, Tactics, and Mind, aiming to develop players with exceptional skills in both the sports and mental realms. His involvement in international events, such as the Copa Libertadores, supports his commitment to elevate the level of futsal in Naples, United States, drawing from over 30 years of experience in soccer and futsal.

"Futsal, where every touch of the ball is a brushstroke on the canvas of skill, weaving a tapestry of teamwork and passion." - Coach Edgar Pedroza

By enrolling your child in SOCCER3 ACADEMY, you're not only choosing an elite program but also providing the opportunity to cultivate outstanding technical skills, advanced tactical understanding, and comprehensive mental development. The academy stands as the benchmark in sports education, guiding the next generation towards success in soccer and futsal. Join this transformative experience and witness your child's exceptional growth and sporting performance.

All individual ball-related motor actions a player can perform. Passing, control, dribbling, and shooting.

Encompasses sports values like respect, discipline, resilience, perseverance, future vision, meritocracy, teamwork, identity, and motivation. We shape resilient children for life."

Individual and collective movements aimed at gaining positional advantage over the opponent. Unmarking, marking, interception, and anticipation. Systems 3-1/2-2/4-0/1-2-1.



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